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John de la Hoz Perez

John "el chavo de la batería" born on February 25th 1979 in the city of San Andrés islands, raised in the district "school house", studied in primary school "Antonio Mariño", secundary "Bolivariano Commercial" and took classes of drums and percussion in the academy "Luis a Calvo" under the teacher "Frank Calzadilla".

Since his childhood anxious to do something with music, he realized his first musical steps with the departmental band of the archipelago being present at many band contests, like they are in the cities of Paipa, Anapoima and Haido as well as on festivals like the "Green Moon".

After that he was part of many local groups like "Toño and his bent one", "Blue Fire", "Jhony cay connection", "Group Creole" and in 2008 he organizes the band "The Rebe" before he joined the "Royal Rudes".

He had the opportunity to know several countries playing his drums like the Dominican Republic, the USA - Washington DC, Cuba, Spain - Saragoza and Benicássim, Kennia and South Africa, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Argentina and more than 10 cities in Colombia. As a winner of Latin reggae competition in the Argentinian capital he played on the Rototom Sunsplash festival 2013 in Benicássim Valencia in Spain where he was choosen to be the best drummer of the festival which he realized with the Reggae group "Royal Rudes".

He played on important stages and accompanied national and international artist like "Maelo Ruiz" and "Michel el Buenon". In the moment he is sharing his knowledge teaching children and adults on the beautiful island of San Andrés, where he thanks God every day, having been born here.

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