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Felix Mitchell Gordon

Felix born on the beautiful island of San Andres at the 15 of January 1968.
I was sent to study music at the early age of 12 and played in the church all my youth. Still young I played with Ben Green for six years.

After that I went to study Book keeping sponsored by the State Bank where I worked for 3 years.

Giving up the office work I started to play in a dance hall group "Black Star". After 5 years I left "Black Star" and went to work on a cruise liner for about 3 years. Tired of beeing away from my home all the time I quit.

Once back on San Andres I got a call from the Creole group "Stary" who's playing traditional music. I stayed with them for 8 years until I met "Royal Rudes" 4 years ago.

And since that time I've been playing reggae, won the Latin American Rototom Reggae contest and played on the Rototom Reggae Festival 2013 on the main stage.

Married to Deisneth Hooker. We have 2 children, Jah Love 11 years and Jahman 5 years.
Living forever on this island.
one love

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